Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Turning Japanese I Really Think So

If I didn't have 2 little ones to tote around town this might be my next car!

When my folks came to visit over the weekend they brought their new little toy along, much to our delight. About a year ago they got put on the list for a smart car and it finally came in last week. Is this little bugger adorable or what? It's not really Japanese, it's made by Mercedes, but doesn't it look like it just drove out of one of those cutsie Japanese cartoons? And the best part (and the reason they really got it) it's rated to get 41 mpg but my dad thinks he may actually be getting closer to 48 mpg! Not to mention the fact that it's much cheaper than alot of regular cars. That's some killer cash and earth saved! These cars are already creating a community of owners like the one experienced by antique VW owners. It also generates alot of buzz, everywhere my parents go they get ogled and conversations are sparked just sitting at a stop light. It seems they're also the first in their little Arkansas town to get one, making them local celebs. You can see an article on their car from their local paper here, along with all the snarky controversy in the comments section.

Everyone gets a turn to take a ride, one at a time, it's only a 2 seater.

Of course we had to do some comparison, their small car to ours

And the winner for shortest car is: the smart car by half a VW fender!

Both cars have their engines in the back

As you can imagine, the Smart car totally beat ours in the mpg department, but the VW does have a back seat, and a trunk!


  1. Thanks for your comment!
    Love both the cars =D

  2. It's sooooooo tiny. I've seen them putting around Fayetteville. They are just too small for me. However, the Honda Fit is just about the right size and still gets awesome mileage.

  3. How cute! I am happy for your Mom and Dad. I read the article and the remarks. OOoohhhh my. I forget how selfish people can be that they can't be happy for someone else's good fortune. She did however pay for her remarks! "Poor" girl.(Srry, I couldn't resist.

    Just after I read about your parent's car I took Ashlyn (our 14yr. old boarder, who plays volleyball) to the bus barn and saw a Smart Car parked in front of one of our local car repair places. They are so small, they look like toys. This one was silver and white and parked next to a Mini Cooper...and made that look big!

    I would love the gas mileage, but to be honest, I am not sure I would feel safe in something so small.

    I can't wait to see person. I might would change my mind if I drove one.

    Again...very cool.

    Love you all!