Sunday, May 30, 2010

You Know It's Summertime When...

The watermelon comes out!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Graduate

Today was Mr. Golden Curl's Kindergarten graduation and I must admit, I got misty-eyed. I just can't believe he has learned and grown so much in the past year! Tomorrow is his last day of school and then he's mine all mine for the whole summer, yea!

He had a speaking line and did it perfectly and he didn't even need an entourage of little girls nudging him when it was his turn to go up :)

Mr. Golden Curls with his teacher. I'm so thankful he had such a patient, understanding teacher because he spent most of the year being pretty tough which can be easily misunderstood. It truly made the difficult task of letting him spend his days out from under my wing so much easier knowing that he was in such capable, loving hands! I also had the honor of making her baby book, which you know I love! (you can see that here)

Last night he was honored with a very special award in a ceremony that required him to don some dressy attire, snazzy. He received the DaVinci award for math, super smarty!

What a handsome couple of boys! Who makes such gorgeous boys?! Lil' Spitfire has been tagging along so nicely. None of it is about him, though he'd like it to be, and he's still been a trooper! He'll also be incredibly happy to have his brother home for the summer, Mamma just isn't very exciting!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Dino-mite Birthday

Ugh, bad dinosaur pun, bad...but we had a crazy weekend last weekend and it was so much fun! Friday night was Mr. Golden Curl's 6th birthday and we had it at the new T-Rex Mini Golf place in town. It was way cooler than I expected...I think I may have had more fun than the kids!

sand art table

Brothers tee up at the 18th hole

Grammy tries out her skills with a captive audience

Diggin' for bones at the Dino Dig

Make a wish bitty!

My husband's sweet, he let each kid pick out what part of the cake they wanted!

Legos and super heroes, doesn't get better than that for a 6 year old boy!

This is Mr. Golden Curl's "girlfriend" that he's "gonna marry some day." Except that a week before the party he informed me "We're not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore because she got a whole new life and that means she has to have a new boyfriend so now we can't get married." I told him being friends is way better anyway. How cool is she though? A pretty little girl who makes dinosaurs eat each other is cool in my book!

The course was all black lit and very dark. The kids were all pretty nervous with the animated dinosaurs and noises and I was impressed that they all made it through the entire course, though several nearly jumped out of their skin!

The boys all mini-golfed out and ready for a good nights sleep!

The next day Grammy and Grandpapa braved a day with the boys while the Bohemian and I had a fun day selling my wares at a craft show.