Friday, January 20, 2012

My Couponing Perserverance and Pitfalls

 This coupon thing can be tricky tricky! I'm not a pushy, outgoing person by nature so I don't like to question the cashiers, but I've quickly learned that's just going to be part of it. On my last post about couponing, Coupon Queen in Training, I lamented my 2/$5 off formula coupons that the cashier couldn't get to work and reassured me even a manager couldn't type in by hand. It bothered me so much I just had to go back a few weeks later and try again. That cashier had problems getting them to ring too and without batting an eyelash she checked the coupon to the formula and typed it in manually! In the same purchase I discovered a pitfall...I am prone to the buy one get one free, hence the Crush sodas that I never would have purchased and could have gone back to the soda aisle and paid a ton less for a 2 liter of store brand. Lesson learned.

In spite of those little lessons and pitfalls, I'm quickly rising in the ranks towards that coveted Coupon Queen crown! Last week I saved $92.49 on groceries that should have cost me $238.52, nearly 40% savings! Today I went to Walmart after my first freebies and money makers. Learned another lesson, hit the store early in the week because the real queens have cleared the shelves by Friday. Still super excited. What I acquired should have cost $11.48 but cost me $.98 before tax, yep, that's right! And I even discovered the toothpaste deal on my own! That's why the binder must come with me always. Woohoo!

Here's the breakdown for interested coupon nerd hopefuls like myself. Toothpaste on sale for $.97 ea., $.75 off coupon, final cost to me $.22 ea., panty liners on sale for $1.24 ea, coupon for $1 off, final cost $.24 ea. Bic pens on sale for $.97, coupon for $1 off, profit $.03 Razors on sale for $1.97, coupon for $2, profit of $.03. Total $.12 profit goes toward the other purchases, sweetness! Another place where I had to be persistent and have her get a manger. She didn't think I could use a coupon for more off than the cost of the item. I am just having way too much fun with this!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


 Lil' Spitfire turns 6 today! Can you tell he's excited? Ah, Spitfire, I'm so glad you were born to me. Your nickname was hard earned but as you grow the battles are few and far between and certainly less dramatic. Aside from your fiery nature you are one of the sweetest kids I know. Thoughtful, generous and loving. I think that kind of passion and love are just the kind of thing can make the world a better place.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little 'Ole Orphan Annie

My Annie cat is getting old and is starting to act it. It makes me a little sad. She's lived with me since before kids, before husband, since before husband and I were even an official "item". She is decidedly my cat, not the family's cat. She's suffered the indecency of sharing her home with other pets. 5 cats and 4 dogs to be exact. 14 years, so much has happened in those years. If she had a mouth to speak she could tell the story of the majority of my adult life. I'll count her lack a blessing! Though having a conversation with her would be incredibly cool.