Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Bench Warmer

A baby has moved into our bassinet, Annie cat. Spitfire found this hilarious. I think she's enjoying having found a safe haven where it's warm and cozy and the dogs can't see or reach her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Nusery Is Born

Six weeks on baby countdown, but who's counting? Oh yes, that would be me! The nursery is all decorated and all we lack are some baby necessities and the Little Mister himself. I can't believe all the stuff this kid has already, guess it's bound to happen when you have two older brothers and 4 out of 5 cousins are boys. A lot of these things have been in both his brothers' nurseries but it's amazing how his still looks different. There are so many special things in this baby's room.

I'm in love with the newest special handmade thing, my baby mobile, custom made by a friend of mine. I keep saying we collaborate on them but really that's an overstatement on my part. I make her the paper parts (on this one the pinwheels and carousel) but she works her magic, bending and painting her own metal, adding clay embellishments, and stringing beads, she really has a good eye. It just turned out perfectly!

The rest of the tour: the crib, handmade by my husband's grandfather, has slept all 4 of my sis-in-law's kiddos and will all 3 of ours. The bedding was made by my husband and I, the paintings above the crib and the diaper bag on the changing table were made by me. the little blue creature on the shelf was made by Spitfire and I.

The bookshelf feels like a masterpiece of giving and makes me feel loved because it and everything on it was given to our boys over the years and it makes me overwhelmed with thankfulness that there are so many people in our lives that have helped us provide for, love, and raise our most precious babies.

Spitfire made this for the baby in Sunday School months ago. On the hearts are written all the things he loves: Mamma, Pappa, Brother, Baby and himself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coffee Shelf

It's a perfect fit for my morning cup, but I'm glad it's temporary. We're 7 weeks away from our due date, yea! We're hoping for 2 weeks early like his brothers which means only 5 weeks, 5 weeks sounds so much better.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Office With A View

Aren't I such a lucky girl to have a view like this at work every day?! Not the beautiful snow and trees but the little boy in the snow and trees, even that silly dog. As difficult as staying at home to be a full time mamma has been financially, the pay offs are immeasurable. I will never regret the things I couldn't have during this time in my life. They can be tough in the moment, especially when I see what others around me have. Then I look at what I have and that jealousy feeling passes quickly. I have been tremendously blessed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Love

Lil' Spitfire pointed to my belly yesterday and asked "How long until our baby comes out?" "Well, we have mamma's birthday, Valentines Day and then he'll be born." I'm always describing large expanses of time by what holidays and birthdays we have to cross first and it made me realize how few there are left between us and baby. I look back and feel like I've been pregnant forever but this April 3rd due date doesn't seem ages away anymore, a realization that has me both incredibly excited and incredibly frightened all at the same time. Yep, I'm no rookie and I'm still frightened at the prospect of what lies ahead. Or maybe it's because I'm no rookie that I fear what lies ahead.

Lil' Spitfire is drawing a lot of family portraits these days and his depiction of me always includes a big 'ole scribbled baby belly. Everyone else usually gets a letter on the their tummy to show who they are. The picture below was drawn just after his 5th birthday so his letter was replaced with a 5 for his impressive age.