Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby In Motion...Constant Motion

Today the Little Mister is 6 months old. I can not believe he is already halfway through his first year! It all goes by especially fast when there are older siblings to keep mamma busy and distracted. I've had a little trouble adjusting to having both big kids in school and only a baby home. It's so quiet, sometimes deafeningly. I'm getting into the swing of things though and starting to get excited at the prospect of keeping up and maybe adding a little scrapbooking back into my regular routine.

So, what's new in this baby's life? Motion, motion, motion! He's not crawling yet but he might as well be because he can get wherever he wants by rolling, army crawling and inch worming his way around. His personality is still mellow as ever, he'll chill out in his car seat for hours while we run around town but as soon as he hits the floor he's a tiny, wild beast! Picture taking is getting to be near impossible for me.

He absolutely loves to wrestle his giant bunny...poor slobber covered bunny.