Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brown Bag Special

After losing four lunch boxes into the abyss that is kindergarten I finally wisened up and started sending the classic brown lunch sack. I must admit I feel little pangs of guilt every time I send him out the door with know killing the earth and all. I wonder if that's a guilt that everyone in my generation suffers from? But it's either kill the earth or kill my wallet and the earth is so much bigger than my wallet! Never fear, as soon as he starts bringing these home regularly he'll earn a new lunch box. Ok, it may wait until next year.

On another skull and crossbones note, around Halloween I found these wicked sweet dishes for the kids at the dollar store, a place my tiny wallet can handle! Awesome for boys and match my black dishes, don't they look adorable next to each other? And yes, the boys really do eat salads!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boy Cooties

I tell you what, boys are gross, super duper gross no two ways about it. I notice it the most when I have to clean their bathroom. How on earth does all that toothpaste get everywhere?! There's tooth past all over the floors, the door, the stool but how on earth is it getting to the top of that big 'ole mirror, the back of the garbage can, the toilet paper roll? But it's not just the bathroom. I mean, who burps while kissing you? Puts dirty underwear on their head and runs naked through the house? Lets a dog lick them in the mouth? If you want to make their day just come up with the messiest, noisiest thing to do and they're in heaven. Multiply that by 3 and you're living in my house. Ok, I'll admit it, some of the gross things they do send me into fits of giggles. I'll just go ahead and blame my brother's mad skills at burping the entire ABC's for training me into that!