Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Saturday I had the most perfect morning. The privacy fence was finally finished, the weather has finally gone from the fiery, humid bowels of hell to fling open the windows and sit on the back deck wonderful. my puppies are so happy to be free to roam and it was nice to be able to just open the door, let them out and sit outside under my peaceful pergola, with my pretty little lanterns and trees and Tibetan bell. The outside of our house is really starting to come together into something I like and as much as I hated shutting out our neighbors it's also very very nice to carve out your own space when your neighbors are 2 inches away. Now I walk out and I feel like I'm not just a sardine in a suburban cookie cutter, I feel like I'm in my own personal oasis.

Monday, September 20, 2010

For Richer Or For Poorer...Emphasis On Poorer

The doctor has been visited! As a result I have no cute fruit to compare baby to because they put me at 12 weeks now which is what I was guessing I was last week. I heard the baby's heartbeat, that certainly helps quell the bizarre fears that I was making all this up in my mind and I was going to find out I wasn't really pregnant. It's just such a strange experience to be pregnant, so hard to believe until there's some kind of proof...apparently 24/7 morning sickness for months on end, a rapidly expanding waste line and bizarre eating habits just don't cut it for me. I loved the staff at the doctor's office, including the doctor, loved the facility, loved it all.

I left my very first appointment with a big 'ole bag of baby magazines for me to drool and coo over and I was a happy camper...until my next appointment, to start the medicaid application process, where I ended up in tears in a strangers office over money and obsessively appologizing "I'm so sorry, I can't believe I'm crying, I never cry in front of people." She reassured me that crazy pregnant ladies frequent her office on a regular basis and it was fine. And that there was still hope that in spite of the change in life that turned us into the owners of "income" property there was still a small hope that we would have a sympathetic case worker who actually took note of the fact that the rent we collect barely covers the mortgage on a house we couldn't sell. Living on a youth director's salary in a society built around the assumption that everyone is a two income family can be trying to say the least. God has never let us drown, there's no reason he would now, so why is it so hard to go forward in life with complete and utter faith that it will all be fine?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Number Three Update

I know my weekly updates are probably not all that exciting to anyone else but hey, since I only have about 10 readers I'm pretty ok with keepin' on with the updates! After a horrible shrimp hiatus, this week compares baby to a large lime. Ok, I'm a about a week behind on my update and there's not a comparison for this week so lets just say it's a really large lime. This week is pretty amazing, when I read the info I must admit I got a little misty eyed, "(baby) is fully formed, from tooth buds to toenails, and your baby's job now is to continue getting larger and stronger for the rest of your pregnancy." How amazing is that?! A mere 3 months in and bam, baby is formed!

The ickies and exhaustion are pretty well gone though they rear their ugly heads in the evening. To balance the evening exhaustion I can't sleep through the night anymore. And I've had a really strange symptom completely unique from my other pregnancies, this overwhelming salty taste/feeling in my mouth and throat as though I just gargled the ocean. The coolest thing is I think possibly I felt little tiny baby movements. It's pretty early so it's hard to tell at this point if it really is baby and not the pregnant woman's buffet I ate earlier or just some random muscle twitch, but it makes me excited for all those wonderful things in pregnancy like feeling baby kick. Ok, that one wonderful thing in pregnancy! Next Friday I will finally get to see my doctor at an appointment so early I'm pretty sure God will still rubbing his eyes. But hey, I'll take it! P.S. How super cute is that Key Lime Pie plushie?! Check out her shop, there are so many cute felt plush foods!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shrimp Baby?!?!

Well, so much for adorable fruit comparisons to how big the baby has gotten. Week 10 and baby is the size of a...ewww...medium shrimp. To add to the ickies my husband talks to my belly and tells it "I know you're swimming around in there with your little shrimpy tail." Goof ball! Thankfully nausea and extreme exhaustion rode off into the sunset together this week making me a much more productive human being. Non-stop ravenous eating of strange foods, mega picky pants and the pregnancy crazies have moved in. Since those things are sort of normal for me it's survivable. Well, normal as in if my regular 'ole quirky character traits could be hyped up on crack cocaine.