Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smarty Britches

Ugh, I am so behind on all the adorable little boy pictures and stories I have stacking up for this "new" blog. Recently it's been a blur of crafting, craft show prep, being sure to update my other blog and Facebook fan page regularly, it's almost become...gasp...a job. Ok, a really fun job but on top of being a mom full time it can feel like a bit much sometimes, especially when you top all that off with hacking colds all around. But I am feeling greatly in need of some bragging on my boy time so here it goes.

My Mr. Golden Curls is really super smart! I'm constantly amazed by him. He always seems so incredibly distracted but we are realizing somehow in all of that imagination, pretending and distraction he is still incredibly observant. We had his first parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago and she confirmed the suspicions we've had since his birth, he's highly advanced! I know, I sound like every parent, but really and truly she couldn't say enough about him, I think her exact words were "I see maybe one kid like him a year." And she went on to pull out examples of his work and how it's pretty amazing. Even better is the fact that he is loving school! Our little Debbie Downer who threw fits about staying at Vacation Bible school for half the day can't wait to get up and go to school!

Commencing with photographic evidence, you know I love my photos!

He brought this note in to me the other night. He had written it all by himself. It even has a picture of him in his bunk bed. He did inform me however that it was a joke and he didn't actually need to go to bed :)

Mr. Golden Curls has always learned things very quickly and once he gets it he is not at all interested in doing it over and over and over again the same way, he wants to start playing with what he knows. This has proven true with his handwritting. He got the hang of writing really quickly so it was time to move on to creating his own fonts. The first one is what he calls "robot letters" and the second one is his "fancy letters". What 5 year old does this?!

This next one might be my favorite, it stunned me. The words at the top are not bleeding through from the back of the paper. He wrote them like that, perfectly backwards and from bottom to top!

And you know I love the artwork, especially now that there are recognizable things going on in them. Below is his rendition of trick-or-treators. Adorable!

Well, that's it for now!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Craft Show Survivor

Well, I'm no longer a craft show virgin! The Handmade for the Holidays show Saturday was a great success in my book. I have nothing to compare it to but all I'd hoped in a first show was to make back the money that I put in on fees and displays and to get my little craft show feet wet and I think that happened. I was also incredibly blessed to experience so much love and support from friends, family and complete and utter strangers who were all so generous and flattering.

I loved my booth but am afraid it would be way to cumbersome for me to haul anywhere out of town.

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to spend quality time with other artists. My booth neighbors were fantastic, everyone was friendly and roamed around meeting each other and I got to meet several people that I've talked to online for years but never met in person. I could just go on and on about that part of it. The people make it and this was so much fun!

It was interesting to see what sold in person that doesn't sell online and what didn't sell at the show that I expected to. I also see ways I think I can improve for the next one. Overall for a first timer I really like the way my booth turned out.

I really liked my displays, especially the front table and Christmas table. I also liked the unusual shape of my space. I was a little bit crowded on my big table though and am thinking up some ways to give the little goodies some breathing room.

My lovely assistant for the day.

Photo taken by Lisa of Golden Muses on Etsy

I thought the crowds were great for a first time show. It wasn't super jam packed but there was a steady stream of shoppers.

Photo taken by Lisa of Golden Muses on Etsy

I finally got to meet Brandy of Ekioart on Etsy, she's also on my street team, AREtsy. And I adopted two of her robots to give the boys for Christmas. So adorable and incredibly soft. You can get yours here.

Photo taken by Lisa of Golden Muses on Etsy

I made a fantastic trade for one of Briana's lovely bars of vegan eucalyptus spearmint soaps and it is divine! There's a good chance I'm now an addict! Briana was one of the gals who ran this show and you can purchase her soaps online at her shop Nest on Etsy.

Needless to say I will be doing this more in the future. Now that I've been through the process I think it won't be so all consuming like it was this time. Figuring out set-ups, how to take money etc etc really took up some time. Oh and I'm really glad I signed up for Propay to take credit cards. Those transactions added up to about 1/4th of my sales and I can see that growing in the future.

Stay tuned to my shop, The Beehive. I'll be filling it up with all the goodies that didn't sell at the show.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Adoption Day Mr. Cash Pugface!

One year ago today I made the 8 hour trek to get my puggie from the animal shelter. You can read all about that and see more pics here and here. In honor of this day I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute and say please, if you're considering adding a pet to the family, adopt! There are fantastic animals in need of homes, even breed specific pets! I found Mr. Cash Pugface through Petfinder.com and he was a Pug sitting in an in-state animal shelter.

A few more encouragements from my soap box:
  1. Read all you can about the species and breed you think you're interested in and give honest consideration to the breed characteristics, the time and the costs.
  2. Don't ever buy a pet from someone selling on the side of the road, you don't really know what conditions these dogs are bred in and good breeders don't sell their dogs this way and you could be supporting a backyard breader.
  3. Don't acquire a pet on the aww he's so adorable spur of the moment. (I'll admit, I'm guilty of this one!)
If you pick your pet wisely you'll enjoy each other a whole lot more, like I love my Mr. Cash Pugface! Happy One Year Pugaversary!