Friday, January 28, 2011

What's In A Name?

I'm not sure but it took us an awfully long time to pick one for this child! We've known since we were 20 weeks along that he was a boy, immediately started the name search/debate and only last week settled on one. Really the only reason we finally picked was because we got stubborn and decided it was time.

What made it so hard? Boys names have always been hard for us, with this being our third boy it was just triply hard! We had a good list of names we just couldn't find one that stuck out more than the others. Also, once the boys had added their faves to the list it became very tough for me as a mama not to pick their names. I didn't want to disappoint them, especially Lil' Spitfire who had been talking to my belly and calling it by his favorite name! Once my honey let me off the guilty hook we were finally able to pick the name that I really liked the best, a late comer to the name list that wasn't even heard by all the family and friends who were trying to help us decide! I think that was another reason it was hard to commit to it, not wanting it to be something the family hates. Ooh, but the suspense, we don't reveal our names until we're introducing our babies to the world.

With a name picked I think my husband and I are really getting excited. He came home all giddy one day "I bought something for the baby!" *see picture at the top of this post* I love my nerd! Then we got all registered for baby stuff and we're finishing up the nursery. It's really getting pretty close, though the discomfort in my lower belly and back tell me it could be a long haul. The due date is only about 8 weeks away!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafty Hearted: Better Than Diamonds

I am proud that my boys are so incredibly creative already, not so they can be my little drones, but because I feel like creativity is an incredibly important skill. It's something I can nurture in them that the school system can't. Whether they become artists or bean counters, it will be something they can use to express themselves or problem solve. It gives me a little reward to see their little minds at work, it's like a whisper letting me know that keeping them home with me until Kindergarten didn't damage them with my imperfection. Add creativity to the sweet generosity of a little kid and my heart is mush, especially when that kid is mine.

Mr. Golden Curls is 6 years old now and he has always been a creative spirit and a problem solver. At Christmas time with my parents we were all sitting around after having opened gifts and he was roaming around the house. He kept passing through saying "I'm looking for a bead. Do you have a bead?" It is not strange for him to be on a mission to make something but when he presented my mom with this ring made out of a twist tie from one of his new toys and a cut piece of straw for a bead we were pretty blown away. As far as I know he's never seen jewelry made like this but he had the ability to go measure Grammy's finger, create a bead, and get it twisted onto the wire just right. Then he gave it to her with the words, "I didn't have anything to give you for Christmas so I made you this."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Van Gogh: A First Grader's Account

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent van Gogh

Conversation with my 6 year old:
"What did you do in art today?"
"Watched a movie."
"A movie, in art class?"
"Yeah. It was about an artist, I don't remember his name but he did a bunch of stuff before he was an artist. Then he was so sad he cut his ear off and sent it in the mail. Then he was friends with this other artist and he went home and got so mad at his friend that he shot himself."
My husband and I looked at each other with hugely wide eyes, my 5 year old laughed and we spent the next 5 minutes explaining why that was sad and not funny and wondering why the heck a first grader needs that much background on an artist. Then when they were in bed we howled with laughter and wondered, who's next on the list?!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Harry Potter Party! Now Say It Three Times Fast.

I have no idea why, but Spitfire decided awhile back that he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party. Being only 5 he's not a reader at all, let alone one that can read Harry Potter. He's seen at least part of a movie and plays a Lego Harry Potter game on his cousins' Wii and that's about it. But the kid wants Harry Potter for his birthday, he gets Harry Potter for his birthday!

I was shocked when my mom and I couldn't find any Harry Potter themed party supplies but we ended up making a few cool things. I found the banners online and printed them on craft cardstock and my awesome husband hung them from crepe paper. My mom found Spitfire's Harry Potter garb and had the idea for the dry ice, which was a huge hit...with the kids and the dad's!

We gave the kids little blinking magic wands and they stirred up the "magic potion" until it was all done smoking.

This cake was painful for me to order, especially since I have a Sis' in law who is a brilliant cake decorator, but she lives 6 hours away so weird Harry Potter doing something only a fan would understand it was. Is it clear yet that I am not a fan and know nothing about Harry Potter? But the boy liked it so I was ok with it...I suppose.

Gift opening time is always total chaos! But it's a lot of fun to watch all the kids get excited. Spitfire loved everything he got and bounced off the walls into the evening playing with it all.

Spitfire is such a big kid now he got to get his own bicycle, no more tricycle. He has been so incredibly proud to turn 5. He's having trouble understanding he has to wait awhile for kindergarten and he's ready to pass down all of his things to the baby. The other morning he ran through the house yelling "Mama, mama, come look!!!!" he took me into his bathroom, "I can reach the sink without the stool! It's because I'm 5! Now the baby can use the stool to reach the sink!" I know this is only the beginning of so many milestones, proud moments, and growing up but he'll always be my baby boy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Spitfire

My baby boy turned 5 today. Well, I suppose he's about to lose his position as baby of the family but I don't think he minds that one bit. He is so incredibly excited and proud to be moving into the realm of big kid and big brother. Since his party isn't until Saturday we went this morning for breakfast at IHOP. Big brother was even able to come along since he had a snow day today...again...for the third day in a row. The boys both got pancakes with a smiley face and ate more than ever. When we were stuffed to the gills the staff came out with more yummy stuff and sang "Happy Birthday" which Spitfire just loved.