Monday, May 25, 2009

The Season For Smores

We went camping with the crew this weekend and it was a lot of fun. Even our two dogs went. On the top of the table is Carl Dog and me holding Mr. Cash Pugface. On the seat are our good friends with their daughter, our boys' best little friend. Then The Bohemian with the boys and Maya dog at his feet.

The boys were so excited to help Pappa set up camp. Heck, it took us so long to get packed, leave town and drive to the campsite I think they were just excited to finally be there!

All my beautiful boys trekking to the river.

Lil' Spitfire and Pappa test the waters and throw sticks for Maya, who loves the water.

The Bohemian and Carl Dog doing some silliness or other. Yep, they're always this dorky!

No camp out is complete without smores! I help Mr. Golden Curls perfect the art of the burnt marshmallow.
Lil's Spitfire waits on deck.

Finally, Lil' Spitfire gets his turn.

My tiny boy wanted so badly to help Carl Dog carry the giant logs for the fire but was finally satisfied with this one that was just his size.

The second day we took Carl Dog's raft to the river and the boys loved it!

Pug on the rocks. I was really concerned that Mr. Cash would overheat on this trip, since I've heard that happens really easily with Pugs, but he did great and loved it! He even liked the water and got to meet a fellow camping Pug. I'm pretty sure Mr. Cash felt tough!

The second afternoon we were joined by our good friends who have a daughter Mr. Golden Curls' age and Carl Dog broke out another winner, water guns!

The Bohemian with our camping buds.

Mr. Cash had a sweet setup, his cage in the shade under the picnic table. We tried to put him on a run with Maya, didn't work so well!

Though he liked his camping experience, Mr. Cash was glad to be back in the car with the A/C. And both dogs slept like the dead for several days.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You...

Several years ago my Dad told the Bohemian if he could get this '72 VW bus running he could have it. Against all odds, he got it running and it ran for about a month and then died a terrible death. We've been holding onto the dream of resurrecting it ever since. Last night we let go of that dream and sold it. Good bye little bus, I wish you a future of purring motors, camping and road trips! The upside is a little cash to work on the first baby, a '68 convertible Beetle. (you can see that beauty with my parents Smart car here) I'll part with my Beetle when someone pries my dead body out of it, learning to share it with my husband was trial enough!

One final ritual, removing the tags.

Good bye! Wow, how pathetically dirty our car window is.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm A Mom...Weird

The most wonderful thing to ever happen to me was to become a mamma. I can't believe that it's been 5 years since I was blessed with that job. I also can't believe that God has entrusted such beautiful creatures to my imperfect care. Nothing else compares in difficulty, rewards, and how much I've learned and grown as an individual.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Upsetting The Delicate Balance

Mr. Golden Curls and Mr. Cash all tuckered out.

Just letting you know we're still alive. My computer died, again. This time it looks as though it is not to rise from the dead and through this I'm realizing what a big online addict I really am. And how much I hate to have my routine upset. On the upside, my house is starting to look a lot cleaner! I am managing to get some things done in the mornings and evenings on my husband's laptop so be sure to check out the latest to my shop!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters

I love my coffee mugs and my newest is no exception. Ah, funny. Extra funny because I don't at all serve a corporate master. I did at one time work as a graphic designer and had a cubicle, but it was the prettiest cubicle I've ever seen and I certainly never felt like a slave, I actually liked my job. Now I'm a full-time mom and a craft nerd. My youth director husband, also not serving a corporate master. Our lives are pretty sweet!