Thursday, March 15, 2012

T Minus Two Weeks And Counting

 The Little Mister has his 1st birthday party in a few short weeks and I'm getting ready to blitz the house with cleanliness and try to finish up some more decorations. Very excited to see family that we haven't seen in way too long and hopefully have some friends join us too. Haven't gotten much crafting done since the rag wreath a few weeks ago, but have been buying up some super cute robots, monsters and other fun stuff! I'm planning on making a banner or two this week. Oh! That completely adorable appliqued and embroidered t-shirt was made by my sis-in-law who owns GoLoud Graphics. You should check them out, they are fantastic!

Note: this was supposed to auto post last week but did not! So his birthday is only a few days away!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Robot/Monster Rag Wreath Complete

A few weeks ago I finished off this adorable rag wreath, just in time for the Little Mister's one year old photo shoot. I'm not a bright colors kind of person but I am absolutely loving this color scheme and the monsters and robots theme is just too much fun for a little boy. The Little Mister is loving the monster things too. Every time I show him something he gets the giggles, so I guess I chose well! Next on my to-do list: invitations! Won't have anyone there to admire my little cutie or all my pretty decorations if I don't invite them! You can find my rag wreath how-to on my crafty blog, Papercut Kitchen, by clicking here.