Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sonogram Says...It's A Boy!

I'm pretty sure people with girls do not show off a "girl parts" sonogram pic but hey, he's a boy and he's proud!

Finally the long awaited news! Not just to answer the pink vs. blue question but, more importantly, to see that baby is healthy and perfect! And I had better invest in some earplugs and buy stock in Band-Aids because I'm gonna need them.

Spitfire and Golden Curls went with us dressed in their "Big Brother" tees and they were nearly bouncing off the walls with anticipation. They have been waiting to see this baby with about as much anticipation as we have. They were amazed at what they saw and bombarded the tech with a million questions but it was super cool to watch and listen to them. She gave both boys their own sonogram picture. Golden Curls took his to school and got to pass it around and tell all about his experience. And proud big brother Spitfire carried his all over the place and then put it up on the fridge, surrounding it by magnets, "a frame." I kept seeing him pass by it and stop to touch it. They're going to be perfect big brothers!

My absolute favorite thing is to see baby's profile on the sonogram, I can almost picture what he looks like. Three was very active during the sonogram and very stubborn. The tech was getting onto him the whole time. She would just get a good view of something and he'd roll over or put his hands up to his face. She had to jiggle my tummy (ick!) and had me roll over and back just to be able to get a good view of all his vital organs. Huh, imagine that, us having an ornery child.

The next two pics are from when she turned on the 4D ultrasound. A little horror movie to me, I think I prefer the classic sonogram, but pretty cool to look at. She could hardly get a view of him without his hands up by his face. She told the boys he was picking his nose, which they just found completely hysterical!

Alright, now it's time to get to work, there are walls to be painted, 3 years worth of baby clothes and nursery things to dig back out of the yard sale pile (read mountain) in the garage and get cleaned up, rooms to shift...whew!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Countdown To Sonogram: 2 Days!

I can't believe it's almost here, sonogram day! I feel like a little kid waiting for the arrival of Christmas morning. I'm ready to lay eyes on this little peanut, see that all is well, and know what our little family will be made up of...all snips and snails or a splash of sugar and spice? I'm also ready to begin getting everything put together. We have so many things to shuffle around in our house to make room for this child, so many things to be gotten rid of.

We're almost halfway, yippee! I've been feeling pretty good. The beginning was crappy but it's going better and I feel calmer. There's also the added joy of the regular, daily gymnastics that let me know baby is there and well. Exhaustion is frustrating. If I don't get my to-do list done before lunch it's not going to get done. That seems to be my witching hour, I go from super energetic mom to couch potato. Pregnancy brain is also firmly establishing itself. I haven't exactly left the milk jug in the cupboard but it makes regular visits. Most mornings I get the coffee going just to realize 10 minutes later I did everything but turn it on.

The boys are so excited. We're taking them to the sonogram so they can be part of it all. Spitfire decided he needed a Big Brother t-shirt when we saw one in a store so today I made two. He's so proud to be a big brother! It's a lot of fun this go 'round with the boys being old enough to get excited and talk about it. Can't wait for Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Part IV: Trick-or-Treat

I don't have any pictures from actual Halloween yet but these are from our church's Fall Fest party and us at home. Halloween was a blast, it gets more and more fun the older the boys get, even though this was the first year our costumes didn't coordinate. So, we had a Ninja, Darth Vader, Biker man and Pregnant skeleton. The boys and I made the rounds around the neighborhood with our neighbor and her son, Spiderman, while Pappa stayed home handing out candy. It was a good 'ole Halloween.

Halloween Part III: Decorations

I had so much fun making Halloween decorations with the boys last week. Spooky skulls, a stuffed spider and a ghost. The first two pics are the boys giving their best scared skull faces.