Monday, August 15, 2011

Back To School

Lil' Spitfire, can it be you're already old enough to be going to school in the big big world? You are so incredibly excited, you've been waiting patiently the whole, long two years since your big brother started.

Summer has flown by and I can't believe today is already the first day of school, and the first day ever of school for Spitfire. Last night I asked him "What is Mamma going to do without her big helper?" and he said "The baby will help you." "He doesn't know how to help yet, not like you." "Don't worry Mamma, you'll figure it out." So sweet! While getting ready this morning he kept saying "I wonder what it will be like." in the dreamy voice.

Before bed I asked the boys what they were excited about and if they were nervous about anything. When Spitfire realized he wouldn't have recess with Big Brother he had a moment but Golden Curls stepped up and was so encouraging, "It's ok, you'll have so many new friends to meet and play with." Melt a Mamma's heart!

Mr. Golden Curls was far more reserved and harder to read. Very calm about it all. He's in 2nd grade this year and was very proud to be moving to the upstairs hallway but I think he's also big enough to get a little nervous at the start of the year.

This has become his picture taking face. It makes him look mad but I think it's what he puts on when he wants to look like a big kid. I can't wait to pick them up and hear all the reports. It's awfully quiet in the house today. My Little Mister is napping and all I hear are house noises and Pug snores!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vegas, Baby!: The Wedding Garb

Here we are, in our living room, trying on our wedding attire for my honey's parents. Tomorrow morning we'll be hopping that long awaited plane and, by the end of the week, strolling down that aisle to turn my plain 'ole husband into my Vegas husband!