Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lent N' Dust Bunnies

I know, I've been gone awhile. For Lent I decided to not turn my computer on until after the noon 'o clock hour because it had slowly taken over my life under the guise of "work". 40 days under computer restriction turned out to be the best thing I've done in awhile with the side bonus of having shoulders that weren't knotted up...a pleasure I haven't experienced in some years.

Another wonderful side effect? Household beautification! We're getting things done that we should have had done a long time ago. Now that Lent is over I'm still trying to leave the computer off until after lunch but I'm finding it hard to be inspired to post at all. The thought of spending time trying to make the inane things in my life come across as clever, humorous, interesting...well, it sort of hurts my brain. Also there's the matter of Spring, which I adore and makes me feel like I'm climbing out from under a long, dark fog and all I want to do is play outside. So for awhile the words around here may be a little bland but hopefully there will be frequent pictures!

My flower boxes are exactly what I was hoping to find, thank you Hobby Lobby! I did have to use a can and a half of spray paint to turn them from white to black but it was worth it! You can also see, in the picture at the very top of this post, that we added edging. And by "we" I mean my husband and a friend!

Our handmade mailbox is probably going to need a redo soon, it's splitting down the post. But don't the flowers look lovely!

I was worried about the thingy above the garage but am so glad we put it up, I love it! Our house is starting to take on some of it's own character.

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