Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Floored III: Hotel Living

 Ooh, ahhh! On the left is the damaged wood, right is the new oak floor with natural finish

We moved out of our construction zone/home about 5 days ago and into a wonderful extended stay hotel that we're really happy with, it's more like a little apartment. The charms of continental breakfast and indoor, heated swimming pool seem to be wearing off for the boys though. Yesterday Mr. Golden Curls said he misses our house and Spitfire agreed. This has been a very unstable couple of months in their lives. First the process of having the other house on the market and The Bohemian moving. Then we move into a house and move back out. New school, new church...whew and we thought we were settling for good this time! But at the end of all the construction will be a cute little, new and improved, healthy, pretty house for us to settle into and start up our little backyard farm in!

the Little Mister ready to go poolside

Silly Golden Curls aka Puss in Boots

Handsome Spitfire with that mischevious smile

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